Infrastructure protection

Sentinor produce and provide a number of infrastructure protection solutions used nationally.
All solutions are manufactured to be reliable and robust, using high grade materials designed to endure harsh environments and are approved by UK government.

Watercress 4

Watercress 4 is the latest analyser in Sentinors Watercress alarm system product range, protecting fixed access points through the use of advanced alarm sensor technology.

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Advanced alarm analysis
Sequential alarm verification
Audio verification
Image verification
IP, GSM and telemetry communication paths
Secure chip and PIN access control
Programmable user access levels
Optional remote access keypads
IP camera connectivity
Multiple compatible sensors available
Detects intrusion on fences and barriers
Definable zones of protection
Adjustable sensitivity
Advanced sensor cable technology
High quality audio signal
Immune to electromagnetic interference
Compatible with Watercress solutions


FenceWeb is Sentinors third generation vibration sensitive sensor, capable of detecting tampering and intrusion on fences and barriers using advance sensor cabling.
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Advanced sensor technology for use on storage tanks and other fixed infrastructure.
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Detects intrusion on fixed infrastructure
Optional audio verification
Optional image verification
Advanced sensor cable technology
Compatible with Watercress solutions
Manage your whole Watercress estate
User friendly interface
Multiple user access levels
Easy estate alarm status awareness
Quickly respond to alarms
View and listen to site media
Create different types of site data reports
View historic alarm data


FlightDesk is Sentinors alarm management system. The FlightDesk application can be used alongside Sentinors Data Collection Rack and database to form a full Watercress alarm management solution.
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