Watercress 4

Sentinors flagship product for protection of critical national infrastructure, designed and developed with over 20 years experience in alarm technology.
Detect & protect
Watercress 4 protects fixed access points from tamper and intrusion through the use of advanced sensor technology, managing and analysing networks of sensors.

The 4th generation of Sentinors Watercress analyser comes with a variety of all new technical features,  further pushing the capabilities of Watercress.
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Key features
Advanced alarm analysis algorithms
Multiple compatible sensors
GSM communication
Sequential alarm verification
Telemetry communication
Audio verification
Mains & solar powered
Image verification
Touch screen UI
Entry/exit timer
Integration with Sentinors alarm management system
Event logging
New for Watercress 4
Remote keypads
Chip and PIN access
IP communication
IP camera connectivity
Greater user traceability
User access levels
User access logging

Advanced alarm sensor analysis

Watercress analysers have been the leading solution for water hatch protection for over 20 years.

This experience has enabled sentinor to develop and fine tune advanced analysis software, capable of managing and analysing a network of sensors.

A range of different sensors are available for Watercress systems.

Alarm verification

Sequential verification causes a confirmed alarm event to be raised after two sequential alarms are triggered on the system.

Audio verification enabled your alarm management team to dial into the system and listen to recorded and live audio.

Through the user of Sentinors Snapshot camera or IP linked cameras, imagery can be captured when an alarm is triggered, giving you a visual insight into what is on site.

Chip and PIN access

To access the system, a user can simply press their key fob onto the panel and input their own unique PIN.

Key fobs are programmable via Sentinors fob management software package, the administrator can input a users name and the desired access level.

Greater user traceability

Uniquely programmable key fobs for each of your Watercress users means easy tracking of user log ins.

Each key fob contains a name for the user, when the fob is used to access an alarm panel, the username is recorded and sent to your desired alarm management device as a 'Logged on' event.

Multiple remote access keypads

Watercress 4 features the use of remote access keypads.

Keypads can be installed around multiple locations on a Watercress protected site and mimic what is shown on the main alarm panel.
This allows users to log in, view, control and set/unset the system without the need of returning back to the main panel.

IP connectivity

Full IP connectivity allows Watercress 4 systems to be connected to networks.

This enables the system to make use of network connected technologies such as IP cameras. The alarm panel can also send any raised events over an IP network rather than using GSM to send SMS event messages.
Remote keypad
Snapshot camera
Chip and PIN access
Watercress protected site

FlightDesk 2017

Sentinors advanced alarm management system.
Manage Watercress 4 events and alarms with FlightDesk 2017.
Learn more
Manage your whole Watercress estate
Easy viewing of site status
Quickly respond to alarms
View and listen to site media
User friendly interface
View historic alarm data
Generate event data reports
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