Sentinor makes your world a secure place. 
We have intelligent security solutions that provide situational awareness and protection from the unknown.

Whether you need to defend perimeters, guard property or shield people from harm, Sentinor can keep you safe.

Infrastructure protection

For over 20 years Sentinor has been providing services and products to clients in the water industry, helping to protect over 80% of the UK's clean water infrastructure. 

Tactical intrusion detection

Sentinors intrusion detection systems have been expertly developed alongside tactical police units and military. Our systems aim to give the user situational awareness whilst staying unseen.

National heritage protection

Often working in critical and sensitive situations, Sentinor have been able to develop bespoke systems directly aimed at helping to keep national heritage sites safe all across the UK.


Sentinor work alongside a number of trained and approved maintenance providers entrusted to service and install our products. However, if you prefer the product manufacturer to carry out these tasks then Sentinor have employed engineers available when needed.

Installation and maintenance

Working not just as a manufacturer of security solutions, Sentinor also have a number of employed engineers on hand and are able to provide installation and maintenance services for their products.

Single day rates and contracts are available from Sentinor, please give us a call for more information. 
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