FlightDesk 2017

Sentinors solution for the management of Watercress sites, events and alarms.

Manage & react

The FlightDesk application gives you a complete overview of your Watercress protected estate, allowing operators to easily manage sites and events from a user friendly interface.

Watercress sites can be configured to send all events into the FlightDesk system, alerting the user to alarms and enabling them to react in the appropriate way.
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Estate overview

The FlightDesk application displays a map overview of your Watercress protected estate, grouping sites into separate regions.

Colour coded icons make it quick and easy to see current alarm status of different regions and the sites within them.

Awareness & response

Alarm alerts are also in place to notify the user when a new site alarm is received by the system, allowing the user to quickly respond in the appropriate way.

Instructions can be tailored for each individual site, telling the user exactly how to respond and the action to be taken when an alarm is received.

Historic event data

All historic event data is stored on the system and can be viewed via a range of different reports, giving the user access to useful site data and information.

Custom filtering is in place to allow reports to be tailored within specific date ranges, regions, individual sites and event types.

View site media

On receipt of an alarm, the system will also look for any available site media. If there is any imagery captured from site at the time of alarm, the user will be able to view images directly from the interface of the application.

If the alarm has been triggered from an enhanced site, the user will have the ability to call the Watercress system on site and listen to the captured audio.

Manage sites

FlightDesk 2017 allows the operator to manage all sites within a Watercress protected estate.

The user can configure site name, phone number, address, region and alarm action.

User friendly interface

The FlightDesk has been designed and developed with the end user in mind, displaying data in a clear and simple way.

Colour coded region and site icons make it easy to see the current alarm status of each site.

Seamless integration with Sentinors data collection system

The FlightDesk application works alongside Sentinors data collection systems in order to display any Watercress events received by the collection server.


Events are collected by Sentinors data collection solution.


Each event is stored within a secure database.


Any stored events will be shown on Sentinors FlightDesk 2017 application.
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