SentinorStore Launch!

Sentinor Store Advertisement

Sentinor Store Advertisement

Here at Sentinor, we have been working hard to take our company forward and branch into the eCommerce Sector .We are now proud to announce the launch of our new online store where you can directly buy our products with ease..

Products now available online are Sentinor’s Legacy 407-NT Pendant,  Legacy Universal Transmitter and some product accessories and spare parts.

We hope that you will enjoy the new online store and find it easy to use, payments can be made with a debit card, credit card and PayPal.

Click the poster image in this post to open the Sentinor Store webpage.

For more information on our security solutions please contact the Sentinor sales team.


Product End Of Life Notification – 1804 PCB

Effective of Q2 2019, Sentinor will be discontinuing the manufacture of the 1804 PCB. This is a key component used in WaterCress 3 and WaterCress 3+ systems.
Other replacement systems will be available.

For more information or If you think that you may be affected by the discontinuation of this product, please get in touch with us.
01934 743440

Re-introducing the WaterCress Solution

WaterCress Grows


Critical National Infrastructure Protection
Protection of drinking water supplies

Our new WaterCress Solution document explains the various different features and options available when configuring a new WaterCress setup.

Introducing The WaterCress FlightDesk 2016. When combined with Sentinors’ GSM Collection Service, The FlightDesk 2016 Alarm Management Software allows the simple viewing of alarm information for multiple sites of protection, all on one user friendly user interface.

The WaterCress GSM Collection Service enables the collection of alarm and alert data from multiple different sources to be held all in one place, this data can then be processed using Alarm Management Software to allow simple viewing of information and quick response to alarms.

Please check out our newly updated suite of WaterCress Datasheets.

Flint Water declared safe by Barack Obama

BarackThe US President visited Flint, Michigan this week and drank a glass of their filtered water to prove its safety. After high levels of lead were found in the city’s water supply, Obama declared a state of emergency, sending urgent federal aid to deal with the crisis.

Filters have now been tested and put into place so that every Flint resident has access to safe water. A local eight year old girl had written to the President to ask him to try it and he decided to make good on her request.

Sentinor protects over 80% of the UK’s water supply with tamper proof solutions. Watercress 4 is our most advanced product yet, using cloud software and multiple access points.

For more details of our products and services contact us today on 01934 743440 or

Water supply delivered by train in India

Water Train IndiaHalf a million litres of water was delivered this morning to Latur and other areas in India affected by the drought.

The ‘water train’ houses ten tankers, previously used to transport oil. The tankers were steam cleaned before being filled and sent for emergency well deliveries across the western state of Maharashtra.

Water scarcity in Latur has led to prohibition orders being issued for more than five people gathering around a water storage tank. Meanwhile Maharashtra’s Chief Minister has announced that more efforts are being made to supply water to residents.

Setting up emergency infrastructure on such a large scale is no easy feat and protecting it is a priority. Sentinor provides critical infrastructure protection with the WaterCress solution. The portfolio includes specialist systems for securing water hatches, protecting tanks and fences and analysing sites. We have also created a functions and features matrix to make finding a solution easier:

>> Download Sentinor’s Solution Matrix <<

“WaterCress is a cost effective long term solution for monitoring solutions remotely.”

Said Sentinor CEO Peter Rogers;

“A tamper-proof water supply has the potential to save millions of lives.”

Paris: Water Supply New Front in Terror Battle

Media reports over the weekend indicate that the Jihadists might now threaten Paris’s water supply.

It is reported that the authorities have taken the precaution of upping chlorine levels as a preventative measure. Armed guards are patrolling six vital water sites, and samples are being analysed by Paris Water. Continue reading

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Presenting The Attack Simulator

Sentinor is delighted to announce that it has scored a world first in the water industry: to develop a device to test its acclaimed WaterCress products for water hatch protection.

Some clever work by the team in Cheddar has resulted in the development of the Sentinor Attack Simulator. For the technically inclined, it is a rare-earth connected test tool which provides an algorithm driven range of hammering vibrations, simulating a hatch attack. Continue reading

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WaterCress Training

Our WaterCress training scheme has been running for little over 9 weeks now and the responses and feedback we’re receiving has been fantastic! We’ve trained 4 different water maintenance companies and a water utility company to use our WaterCress systems out in the field. We’ve also got a lot more upcoming training days, some for new maintenance companies and some for existing partners! Continue reading

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WaterCress Grows in UK Water

WaterCress Grows

Sentinor has recently redesigned and implemented its new training programme for employees of specially selected service providers.

“There are now more than 40 fully trained engineers out in the field, who can provide accredited in–field support for WaterCress” Continue reading

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