Product End Of Life Notification – 1804 PCB

Effective of Q2 2019, Sentinor will be discontinuing the manufacture of the 1804 PCB. This is a key component used in WaterCress 3 and WaterCress 3+ systems.
Other replacement systems will be available.

For more information or If you think that you may be affected by the discontinuation of this product, please get in touch with us.
01934 743440

Sentinor: keeping you and your property safe


Lily Allen hit the headlines recently after the man who stalked her for seven years was convicted of burglary. He broke into her house while her children were sleeping, stole her bag and tried to attack her in bed.

Alex Gray’s hate campaign began in 2009 when he claimed to have written her song ‘The Fear’. He sent letters, trolled the singer online and threatened her during a concert. Luckily no one was hurt during the break-in.

Celebrities and other wealthy public figures can be a target for fanatics and intruders. Securing their personal safety and valuable property from malicious intent is a priority.

Sentinor secure several National Trust, Heritage and high net worth sites with the LEGACY-PAG8 System. Triggered by a number of sensors it will alert residents or staff of intrusion, attempted theft, fire, break-ins or other threatening events. LEGACY-PAG8 provides information from multiple sources including artefact security systems, fire and intruder alarms, door bells and panic buttons.

As one recent LEGACY-PAG8 client puts it:

“Now the system has been installed we are safe in the knowledge that it is protecting us all.”



Possible Caravaggio painting discovered in loft

louvreThe French government have barred a piece of art from leaving the country for 30 months while they investigate whether it’s a masterpiece by Italian artist Caravaggio.

A couple in Toulouse found it as they were fixing a leak in their roof two years ago and passed it to an art expert. If discovered to be genuine it could be worth up to £94m.

Sentinor have developed an even smaller version of the LEGACY Spider sensor to safeguard items as potentially valuable as this. The Mini Spider is similar in size to a £1 coin and can be deployed with minimal invasion using double sided tape or wire. It works with the existing LEGACY PAG8+ System and has a range of up to 30 metres.

If the painting is indeed the real ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’, as suggested by the Louvre ‘s Eric Turquin, first refusal will be given to the French government. In the meantime, securing it will be a priority.

Sentinor: Using a 18th Century Stables to Connect an Estate to the 21st Century

rory 2

Sentinor have recently completed a complicated and sensitive upgrade to the alarm system in a Grade 1 listed house in the South of England.

“We are faced with a number of problems with the existing alarm system, including panic button black spots and out buildings whose alarms were unmonitored” said the owner.

Sentinor did a thorough appraisal of the situation, and, using a clever combination of Legacy and Pag8 products, managed to save the owner many thousands of pounds as well as the disturbance of digging through a listed garden.

The appraisal highlighted that there were a number of redundant buildings which could be used as radio hubs for alarm signals from outlying buildings. At the request of the owner, the footprint of the panic buttons was significantly upgraded as well.

The new systems was installed in two days, significantly less than it would have taken to undertake the ground works, had a trenching solution been deployed. And the owner isn’t missing the disturbance. “We have a very high level of traffic on roads and footpaths. The work that Sentinor did ensured that it was business as usual.”

The Estate’s regular alarm providers will now connect the new system into the regular alarm system.

“I am delighted to think that we can now benefit from 21st Century technology throughout our Estate.”

Devastating news from Brussels

belgium_640 copyOur thoughts are with the people of Brussels after today’s horrifying attacks. Over 30 people have been killed and many more injured.

The city is on lockdown, and questions have been raised in the media about how prepared Belgium was in dealing with an attack, given the threat level in recent months. Despite Brussels seeming an unlikely region for extremism, many of the Paris attackers came from the district of Molenbeek, the location of Salah Abdelslam’s arrest last Friday.

Sentinor’s engineers have been rapidly developing a mini version of the CobWeb Spider, designed to work with the existing system to provide covert, remote monitoring of terrorist targets, to prevent further atrocities such as this, and others reported regularly across the world.

“CobWeb technology combines user friendly deployment and state-of-art covert tactical intruder detection,” said Peter Rogers, CEO.

“We have created a system that will allow government agencies to use technology to monitor select targets in an extremely efficient and effective manner. The consequence of CobWeb’s deployment is that less man hours are needed, allowing more time to be devoted to intelligence analysis.”

CobWeb camera steps up remote surveillance

CTR4 P copy

ISIS recently released a harrowing 17 minute video threatening the whole of the UK and Europe, not only major cities. The MI5 terror threat level remains severe.

To counter this Sentinor have been working tirelessly on augmented versions of their CobWeb Tactical Intrusion Detection solutions, designed to respond as rapidly and accurately as possible to intruders, preventing potential security risks.

One such product is the CobWeb SFX-CTR. This groundbreaking addition to the CobWeb portfolio offers intelligence surveillance capability by pairing CobWeb’s covert sensors and communications technologies with a wide range of remote camera trigger systems. For existing users it can be paired with all CobWeb SF Transmitters and sensors.

The CobWeb SFX-CTR is in the latter stages of production and due for a Spring 2016 launch.

Contact us for more details.

Sentinor responds to Istanbul calamity

Sultanahmet SquareA terrorist attack killing ten people and wounding several others has occurred in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square today, an historic area popular with tourists visiting The Blue Mosque.

It is reported to have been carried out by a suicide bomber, and comes just over a year after a bombing in the same area.

Turkey has been victim to a number of attacks in recent times, carried out by a variety of militant groups, including IS. But they are not alone.

The Guardian has referred to terror threats as ‘the new normal’ in Europe. Since the devastating attacks in Paris there have been numerous incidents which have led to the scaling down of high profile events and the evacuation of two train stations in Munich on New Year’s Eve.

So how should we prepare for the reality of the current situation?

Sentinor’s continued work on covert security sensors is developing rapidly to allow for effective round-the-clock monitoring of targets, threats to infrastructure, and property. Sentinor is at the cutting edge of developing technology to keep people safe.

“The awful news from Istanbul this morning reinforces our determination to do our best to help defend our customers from the growing threats, “ said Peter Rogers, CEO of Sentinor. “Our team is responding to a marked increase in enquiries from law enforcement, military and private entities as a result of the increasing threat. No one knows who or where is going to be next.”

“And today, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.”