Product End Of Life Notification – 1804 PCB

Effective of Q2 2019, Sentinor will be discontinuing the manufacture of the 1804 PCB. This is a key component used in WaterCress 3 and WaterCress 3+ systems.
Other replacement systems will be available.

For more information or If you think that you may be affected by the discontinuation of this product, please get in touch with us.
01934 743440

£23m Francis Bacon heist went unnoticed for five months

francis baconToday it is reported that five paintings by the Irish artist Francis Bacon have been stolen from the flat of a friend in Madrid some five months ago.

Worth an estimated £23m, these treasures were the property of an individual who is described as a close friend of the artist.

The apartment was left vacant only briefly. Neighbours and the on-site staff reported hearing nothing unusual.

Access was gained through a disarming of the security system.

“Once again, this shows how surreptitiously the criminal fraternity can work,”said Peter Rogers, CEO of Sentinor.

“Where once an alarm system was more than adequate, now sensible systems boast features that are both overt and covert,” he continued.

Sentinor, working with its partners, is one of the few security companies that can provide both covert and overt solutions. “The UK security world has much to learn from our work with special forces on our covert solutions.”