CobWeb-MT Pack | Covert Intruder Detection SystemThe light-weight version or our tactical Force Protection intruder detection system with options for colour, transmission range and sensors.

CobWeb-MT is a rapidly-deployable, lightweight intruder detection system, employing one or more sensors, including:
a   High performance PIR sensor
a   Uniquely spooled, undetectable Break-Wire

A typical CobWeb-MT kit includes:
a   4x Transmitters
a   1x Personal Receiver

The system is easy to setup and built to withstand challenging environments.
Alarms are received via a small Personal Receiver (vibration and capped LED) or a USB Receiver.

AT-ReBro‘ReBro’ Range Extension
CobWeb-ReBro extends the range of the Personal Receivers by a further 1.5km (typical). Additionally ReBro also allows for transmission around and over radio signal obstacles, such as hills, large buildings, tunnels and passage ways





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CobWeb MT

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