C2iM-New-BW-HaloThe CobWeb-C2iM system combines a standard Android phone platform with Sentinor’s CobWeb mobile USB receiver to create a standalone tactical mapping solution or a unique portable relay

Android handset features:
a   Receives CobWeb-SF alerts.
a  Enables CobWeb-SF sensor locations to be geo-located on a map.
a  Shows alerts on screen, with sensor status, battery life, signal strength and latitude/ longitudinal data.

Android tactical features:
a  Forwards alerts and coordinate data in the form of text and  JPEG images as an Email to 1x email address.
*A ‘Gmail’ account is required.
a  Forwards alerts and coordinate data via SMS message to 10x separate mobile

Hardware specifications:
A dipole antenna is connected to the CobWeb mobile USB receiver which receives radio transmissions from CobWeb-SF transmitters. This data is then processed via micro USB and shown in a GUI interface using Sentinor’s intelligent mapping solution. An Otter Case (with a rubber outing) is used to house the Android Interface Module and antenna.

a   Recommended Android Device: Samsung Galaxy S4




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