C2AT IconThe CobWeb-C2AT (Command, Control, All Terrain) system combines a standard Android phone platform with Sentinor’s CobWeb-AT receiver to create a unique
tactical location solution.

Sentinor OTG Adaptor:
Using an OTG (on-the-go) adaptor, the CobWeb USB receiver can plug directly into the phone allowing for connection to a terminal and/or integration with a mapping system. Using Sentinor’s OTG cable allows simultaneous use of the AT receiver and charging, either via USB or wall plug.

The USB Receiver is powered via USB which means there are no batteries required. By integrating the Cobweb AT USB receiver directly to the Android Smartphone allows instant mobile access to mapping solutions, terminal data, email and SMS alerts.

Tactical Features:
– Send all alerts via email or SMS.
– Phone must have a GPRS connection or above (H+, 3G, 4G etc)

Range Options:
– Full integration with Cobweb-AT
– Data events sent via SMS or over email.




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