What is CobWeb?

CobWeb systems consist of a variety of sensor technologies (Break-wire, PIR and Radar) designed to perform the mission of remote target detection, location and/or recognition and perimeter protection. CobWeb is a very small, low cost, robust Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS), with a deployed battery life expectancy of 28 days to 5 years (depending on version and sensor type).

CobWeb Client PicCobWeb is capable of transmitting information back to remote Command and Control (C2) centers and/or in-field operators via a range of receiver devices such as the CobWeb-SF Personal Receiver or the C2iM mobile app.

Our CobWeb intruder detection system can be used to perform various mission tasks including perimeter defence, border patrol and surveillance, target acquisition, and situational awareness.

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Being aware without being seen.

Sentinor are proud to introduce a new and extended portfolio of CobWeb systems built to suit a wider range of users and situations in need of tactical intrusion detection. Depending on operational needs, one or more of the CobWeb range now offers additional components and extended configuration.

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