Perimeter GroundWeb

Perimeter Protection GroundWeb GroundWeb is a covert outdoor perimeter security intrusion detection system that creates an invisible detection field around the buried cable.

If an intruder enters the GroundWeb detection field an alarm is received and an exact location of the disturbance is identified. Targets are detected based on size, movement and conductivity.

The sensor can distinguish smaller targets (such as small animals) and therefore are ignored. GroundWeb can also easily filter out environmental effects such as rain, hail, snow, wind and temperature change as well as minimise nuisance alarms such as seismic vibration and acoustic and magnetic effects.

Perimeter GroundWeb Mobile AppGroundWeb Mobile App
As an optional extra Sentinor are offering the GroundWeb Mobile App.
This allows remote access to ‘alert messages’ or in Full Control mode can be extended to allow remote zone set/ unset capability.

How to deploy

Perimeter GroundWeb Diagram

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