LEGACY Transmitter

universal-TX1LEGACY Universal Transmitter
The LEGACY Universal Transmitter has been specifically designed to enable hard wired inputs to be relayed out to the LEGACY-PAG8 paging system using radio Technology. This allows property managers to have integrated fire and intruder alarm systems situated away from the main house (for example barns, outhouses) to be linked to their main LEGACY-PAG8 system.

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universal-multi-TXLEGACY Multi Transmitter
The LEGACY Multi Transmitter is a more complex version of the Universal transmitter as it allows for multiple dry-contact inputs to be relayed out. A maximum of 8x Dry-contact inputs can be hard-wired.

In the same way as the Universal Transmitter it makes use of radio technology to relay comms back to the LEGACY-PAG8 paging system.

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