LEGACY-PAG8 Paging System


Legacy PAG8LEGACY-PAG8 is not your regular paging alarm system. It has been engineered to operate with minimum heat in delicate and sensitive environments with limited or no ventilation.

Triggered by a number of sensors it will alert personnel and security staff of intrusion, attempted theft, fire, break-ins or other threatening events. LEGACY-PAG8 provides information from multiple sources including staff pendants, statues and artefact security systems, fire and intruder alarms, door bells, etc.


PAG8 Phone App AlertsLEGACY-PAG8 features more secure technology, greater range, higher immunity to false alarms and more available inputs. These combined with the same reliability, ease of use and durability as before will reduce the need and cost for maintenance.

LEGACY-PAG8 also has the ability to integrate mobile phones for ‘anywhere alerts’. Messaging can be prioritised by adding an ‘Assistance’ or ‘Emergency’ header.
With an active SIM the system control unit has the ability to alert up to five mobile phones and be remotely accessed for configuration and diagnostic purposes.

The new LEGACY-PAG8 system offers an up to date, cost effective and reliable solution to meet the most stringent security requirements for historic heritage sites.



How to deploy

PAG8 Diagram