The new DMR8 system is designed specifically for protection of artefacts, heritage properties and personnel. Triggered by a number of sensors it will alert personnel and security staff of intrusion, attempted theft, fire, break-ins or other threatening events.

DMR8 provides alerts from multiple sources including pendants, statues and artefact security systems, fire and intruder alarms, door bells, etc. It transmits to DMR Radio Handsets and now also mobile phone for ‘anywhere alerts’. Messaging can be prioritised by adding an ‘Assistance’ or ‘Emergency’ header.

With an active SIM the system control unit can alert up to five mobile phones. It can also be used for remote access for configuration and diagnostics. All you need is a SIM card (for the DMR8) and a phone!

LEGACY DMR8 transmitters and receivers 

Legacy 407-NT Pendant
• Transmitter
• Compatible with old and new PAG systems
• 10x power transmission advantage
• Assistance or Emergency one-button press
• Easy change battery (no more call-out replacements!)
• Robust, detachable, neck cord aerial (put under strain, simply unplugs)

DMR Radio Handset
• Receives ‘Assistance’ or ‘Emergency’ alerts from new style pendants
• Basic alert from old-style pendants, statues and other sensors

Mobile Phone SMS
• Works with all new DMR8 systems (requires a SIM)
• Sends text alerts to up to 5 mobile phones
• Receives Assistance or Emergency alerts from new PAG8 style pendants
• Receives basic alert from old-style pendants, statues and other sensors

How to deploy

Information fact sheets