Touch-Sensor-Thick-aerial2LEGACY Spider is a miniature ‘tamper’ sensor typically used to detect people interfering with valuable indoor artefacts (pictures, statuettes, clocks, furniture, etc.).

It can be integrated in to either the LEGACY-PAG8 paging system or upon request in to any of our CobWeb intruder detection systems.

Typical range of the LEGACY Spider is between 25-50m, however using a ReBro unit can extend the range by a further 2.5km.

LEGACY Spider provides:
a   Adjustable touch sensitivity
a   Easy, simple deployment (using double-sided tape, cable tie or wire twist)
a   Typical indoor deployments might include: Doorways, cupboards, beds, chairs, packages, bags, etc.
a  Powered by 2xAAAs and will run for up to 12 months (depending on the number of activations)




How to deploy

LEGACY Spider-diagram copy


Information fact sheets