WaterCress Universal

universal transparentThe WaterCress ® Universal Interface Card is designed to support the analytics required to meet the most stringent SEAP alarm standards and output those alarms to a range of standard IDS alarm panels.
Off-site comms is achieved using standard alarm telemetry off the back of the operator’s preferred IDS panel.

The Universal system is designed to work with enhanced hardwired sensors. Each unit supports up to 8 sensors with a maximum 40 configurable outputs.

Additional Universal cards are available if more than 8 sensors are required.

Advanced Technology
       > No complex firmware or software control
       > Up to 8x separate inputs (per analytics card)
       > Easy installation
       > Simple to configure

 SEAP approved analytics
       > Direct input to IDS Panel
       > Standard ‘green-boat’ fitment

How to deploy

WaterCress Universal Card