WaterCress HardWire

WaterCress FM SensorThe WaterCress HardWire Sensor solution offers heightened security protection of access points, hatches and doors to protect fixed infrastructure.

The enhanced sensor incorporates seismic recognition algorithms plus toughened magnetic, lever and optional dual float trigger alarms.

As with all of our sensors in Sentinor’s WaterCress range, both the Enhanced and Basic Sensor are compatible with the WaterCress Analyser and can also be connected directly into any other hardwired analyser.

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analyser large 3DSentinor’s WaterCress 3+ analyser protects access to fixed infrastructure using data sent from advanced alarm sensor technologies.

The analyser itself is simple to operate, with automated system settings. The system provides a user controlled set/unset with the option of an entry/exit timer capability.

The analyser provides a signal alarm notification via a standard site intruder detection system. A single global alarm is presented on screen with as many sensor alarms as required.

A touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI) is built into the WaterCress 3+ system enabling a rapid configuration and site status overview.
The GUI also allows the operator to ascertain the status of every input across the site from a single location and to set or unset any configured zones.

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CPNI Approved


CPNIOur WaterCress HardWire solution is fully CPNI approved, making it an optimal solution for enhanced water sites. The WaterCress HardWire system also fully complies with ACPO guidelines for a guaranteed armed police response to attack.

How to deploy

WaterCress Enhanced Sensor