WaterCress FM

fm sensorThe WaterCress FM Sensor offers a wireless solution for the protection of remote access points, hatches and doors, without having to be hard-wired in to a mains power supply.

The FM ‘Radio’ Sensor incorporates seismic recognition algorithms plus, toughened magnetic switch, lever switch and optional dual float switch integration.

The radio frequency sensors provide an efficient and easy to install solution without having to hard-wire into a mains power supply.
Sentinor’s WaterCress radio solutions are based on our CobWeb Intrusion Detection Systems which we have been providing to the UK and US military for more than a decade. Recent tests in the US have demonstrated our radio performance reliability and security to be of the very highest standard.

Sentinor have also designed the antenna to be internally integrated within the sensor; making the risk of attack, damage or vandalism to an external aerial system virtually impossible.

How to deploy

FM Diagram