The Sentinor Snapshot Camera is one of Sentinors latest products released as part of the WaterCress product range.

Sentinors Snapshot Camera is triggered by a single channel input, thermal imaging allowing quick and effective classification of targets in all lights, enabling quicker decisions to be made on the type of response required.


The Snapshot Camera can be used alongside Sentinors WaterCress Analysers and can be integrated into the FlightDesk 2017 alarm management system, allowing imagery from site to be tied to WaterCress events.

  • 3G/4G GSM data connection
  • Thermal imagery
  • Variable lens sizes
  • Email
  • Secure file transfer
  • Integration into WaterCress Analysers and FlightDesk 2017

How it works

When used alongside Sentinors WaterCress Analysers and FlightDesk 2017 alarm management system, Snapshot Camera images can be tied to specific WaterCress events, stored and viewed from within the FlightDesk application.

You can view the image below which gives a more detailed representation of how Sentinors Snapshot Camera works with other WaterCress products.

How to deploy

Integrated into FlightDesk 2017

Sentinors Snapshot Camera is able to be integrated into FlightDesk 2017 alarm management system which is another way of viewing images taken by the Snapshot Camera when an event has taken place.

When on FlightDesk 2017, the graphical interface is easy to understand. Below is a image taken from FlightDesk 2017 of what it looks like.

FTP/Secure File Transfer

When an input has been triggered, the Snapshot Camera will take up to six images, these images will then be sent to the chosen email address which it has been set too or uploaded to an FTP server.

An example of the Snapshot Camera taking six images can be seen below:

Looking at the images below which was taken from the Sentinor Snapshot Camera, you can decipher what the suspect is wearing and what the suspect is doing. In this case, you can see two suspects holding various tools followed with what they are doing at the current time.

When the images have been sent to the chosen email address, it will look similar to the image below. The software used in this image is Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10.


Information fact sheets

Technical Specifications

Here are a series of graphs and tables showing the performance and specifications of the Sentinor Snapshot Camera:

Full Datasheet

Click the link below to view the full datasheet for Sentinors Snapshot Camera.

Sentinor Snapshot Camera Datasheet