WaterCress TankWeb

WaterCress TankWebSentinor, working in partnership with utility companies across the UK, have developed the TankWeb protection system.

The system is approved by the CPNI and the agreed protocol for Police and water company response to intruder alarm activation at an ‘Enhanced’ Service reservoir site.

The system consists of two parts; a passive seismic detector cable connected directly to the structure and an acoustic sensor module that provides the detection analytics.

Should the sensing cable be cut or become damaged, the system is designed to alarm. The system can be installed unobtrusively to most potable water tanks using non-destructive fixing methods.

Telemetry Alarm triggered response
       > Solar Panel version available
       > Connects to WaterCress Analyser

System Fully CPNI Compliant
       > Easy Setting System

How to deploy

Perimeter TankWeb Diagram

Information fact sheets