watercress-bannerSentinor protects 80% of the UK’s drinking water with WaterCress, a range of sophisticated, sensor based, infrastructure security solutions. Our portfolio ranges from specialist systems for securing water hatches, to protecting tanks, fences and other fixed infrastructure and analytic systems for entire sites.

Solution MatrixTo help make your job easier we’ve created a solution matrix to give a quick look-up table of the functions and features of our four most important solutions, including:
a WaterCress 3 (Hardwired)
a WaterCress-FM
a WaterCress-Universal
a WaterCress CellSense

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Below is a summary diagram showing how our WaterCress systems can be deployed:

WaterCress Portfolio Diagrams

Our sensors are designed to distinguish between environmental effects – such as hail – and genuine attacks and forced entry. Whether you have perimeters, containers, or hatches to protect, our intrusion detection systems will help secure fixed assets.

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