CobWeb-HS (Hunt Safe) is a super-lightweight version of the CobWeb portfolio designed for short range civil outdoor, non-concealed uses and outdoor intruder alerting.

CobWeb-HS is ideal for:
    > Hunters and trekkers, in scrub, woods, and forest
    > Researchers and workers in sensitive environments, (GM crop sites, drilling sites etc)
    > Civil event security – monitoring cordons, barriers and entry ways
> Personal Protection for residents, staff and visitors of high value property.

CobWeb HS ReceiverThe basic Cobweb-HS kit includes
1x Transmitters
1x Personal Receiver
Made from tough, engineered ABS in tubular form, the CobWeb-HS set up is as simple as possible – just pull out the wire, fuse with a lighter and walk away. Alarms are received via a small Personal Receiver (vibration and capped LED).

How to deploy

CobWeb HS Camping Diagram CobWeb HS GM Crops Diagram CobWeb HS Mansion Diagram

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