CobWeb-SFR (Radar)

CobWeb-SFR (Radar) Mini-TripodThe CobWeb-SFR is a compact, rapidly deployable Radar designed to be triggered only by inbound targets. It can track up to 10 ‘items of interest’ at once. The Radar is self calibrating making it quick and easy to deploy, with deployment time typically less than 30 seconds.

It can be fully integrated with the CobWeb-SF intruder detection system. When triggered, alert icons will appear on the CobWeb-SF receiver screen to provide a visual notification on whether a person or a vehicle has entered the area.

CobWeb-SFR has a vehicle classification range of 100m and human classification range of 50m. The radar operates from low level position. Reducing the need for tall, obvious tri-pod mounts.

The CobWeb-SFR (Radar) sensor also provides:
a   GPS location and tracking
a   Tamper alarm
a   Radio signal strength
a   Power information.

Intelligent frequency hopping makes the radar extremely resilient to detection and spoofing.




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