CobWeb-SF (Special Features)

CobWeb-SF KitThe Most Advanced Tactical Force Protection, Intrusion Detection System.

CobWeb-SF is a rapidly-deployable, compact, lightweight intruder detection system, employing one or more sensors, including:
a   High performance PIR sensor
a  Uniquely spooled, undetectable Break-Wire
a   Discriminating, short range tactical Radar (CobWeb-SFR)

CobWeb-SF provides real time intrusion detection and situational awareness in a flexible, scalable, modular package.

CobWeb is also one of the very few British built technologies listed in the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) catalogue.

The Anti-Tamper capability allow operators to monitor suspicious movement of the transmitter, whilst the built-in GPS provides accurate mapping on C4i systems further enhancing situational awareness.
The transmitter also provides:
a   Radio Signal Strength
a   Power Information

TX-and-SpoolBreak-Wire Sensor

Our patented spooling technique enables 500m of fine, dark matt and near undetectable wire to be dispensed from a very small plug-in spool (2.0cm diameter). The wire pulls with little resistance enabling it to be easily set in vegetation and across doorways, paths and roadways.


The PIR sensor has been designed to make use of a ‘Diamond detection pattern’ for  maximum movement detection. When correctly deployed the PIR sensor has a 30° beam window with a range of up to 16 meters (52 ft).
The PIR Sensor can be deployed and used for smaller tracks and areas of concern where repeat traffic or people are expected.