CobWeb-AT (All Terrain)

AT RangeCobWeb-AT is a small, light weight intrusion detection system which is easy to setup and built to withstand the tough environments faced in modern day warfare.
CobWeb-AT sensors include:
a   High performance PIR sensor
a   Uniquely spooled, undetectable Break-Wire

The CobWeb-AT kit includes:
a   4x Transmitters
a   1x Personal Receiver
a   1x USB Receiver

The transmitter can be armed with either a Break-Wire ‘Spool’ or a PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor depending on deployment.
Sensors are resilient and undetectable by any known electronic means. Multiple combinations of Break-Wire, PIR sensors and personal receivers enable advance warnings of zone incursions. CobWeb-AT allows a 4 to 1 transmitter to receiver system; however more receivers can be added if required.

CobWeb-AT ReceiverAlarms are received via a small Personal Receiver
(vibration and capped LED) or via a ‘CoT* integrated’ USB Receiver.

*Cursor on Target

The typical range from CobWeb-AT Transmitter to Personal Receiver is 200m. CobWeb-ReBro extends the range of the Personal Receivers and the USB receiver by a further 2.5Km (BPR). The CobWeb-ReBro is ideal for Urban deployments or challenging environments. The USB Receiver dipole aerial extends the Transmitters Basic planning Range (BPR) to 1-1.5Km.

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