Sentinor Legacy Pendant

Sentinor PendantSentinor’s Legacy Pendant transmitter has been designed and engineered to be a direct replacement for the 4601-50 style pendant transmitter. It works harmoniously with any 4600 series radio systems.

Using our vast knowledge of Military graded radio technology; we have engineered the pendant to allow configuration to any Scantronic 173.225MHz system. This allows the Sentinor Legacy Pendant to be integrated in to Fire, Security or Nurse calling alarm system using 173.225MHz receivers.

The Legacy 407-NT Pendant can be fully integrated into both new and existing Sentinor Paging Systems. For further information about our PAG8 paging systems click here.

The Legacy Pendant comes in three separate versions.

1. 407-NT – This version has been specifically designed for National Trust. This version includes a single button, dual function alarm to allow for assistance and emergency transmissions.
2. 407-S – The Standard version has a single button, single alarm. The 407-S has been engineered to be a direct replacement for the Scantronic 4601-50 pendant.
3. 407-PA – The Personal Attack version has a 2 button, single alarm for situations where a personal attacks are the only message that needs to be sent.


Sentinor Legacy 407-NT Pendant

Sentinor Pendant 4601-50 Replacement Diagram

Information fact sheets

Legacy 407-NT Pendant (National Trust)
Legacy 407-PA Pendant (Personal Attack)
Legacy 407-S Pendant (Standard Pendant)