Tragedy in Verona: Masked Thieves Target Gallery

VeronaIn what has been described as Italy’s largest art theft, 17 paintings have been stolen from an Italian Museum. Masterpieces by Rubens and Tintoretto were stolen from Verona’s Castelvecchio museum in a daring evening raid.

The thieves entered the building as it was being closed up, tying up the on-duty guard and cashier before taking the paintings. They then escaped in the guard’s car. Their haul included Portrait of a Lady by Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens and Male Portrait by Venetian artist Tintoretto, as well as works by Pisanello, Jacopo Bellini, Giovanni Francesco Caroto and Hans de Jode.

It is estimated that the works were worth €15m (£10.5m), and it is thought likely that they were stolen to order.

“This is another illustration of the vulnerabilities of public museums” said Peter Rogers, CEO of Sentinor.

“The fact that the robbery happened before the alarms had been switched on for the night just shows how important it is to have 24/7 covert measures in place,” Peter continued.

Sentinor have a range of covert intruder detection technologies in a large number of public properties in the UK, along with providing the crucial communications through Sentinor’s Legacy platform.

“This is awful for the staff involved, disappointing for the city of Verona and a terrible shame for the art world” concluded Peter.


Paris: Water Supply New Front in Terror Battle

Media reports over the weekend indicate that the Jihadists might now threaten Paris’s water supply.

It is reported that the authorities have taken the precaution of upping chlorine levels as a preventative measure. Armed guards are patrolling six vital water sites, and samples are being analysed by Paris Water. Continue reading

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Tragedy in Paris

This weekend’s truly appalling events in Paris have left the Western world numbed by the threat of terrorists to strike at the heart of its capital cities. When it comes to monitoring such individuals, Sentinor is actively developing the CobWeb Touch sensor, to work alongside the existing suite of covert sensors. Continue reading

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Wanted: Electronics Design Engineer

We currently have a position for a Research and Development Engineer

This will be a full time position starting ASAP (28th October onwards)
The successful candidate will enjoy being actively involved in every stage of the product life cycle; designing, developing, testing, documenting and supporting the company’s development of new and existing products. Continue reading

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Product Marketing Executive

We currently have a position for a Product Marketing Executive. This will be a full time position starting ASAP (28th October 2015).
Successful candidates are to provide efficient and effective marketing and graphics design to support the business. Continue reading

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CobWeb Takes Centre Stage at DSEI

DSEI CobWeb News Pic

Once again, Sentinor’s force protection system has wowed the fans at the recent Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in London’s Excel Arena.

“To have our CobWeb system showcased by one distributor would be great. To have 3 showing off CobWeb’s capabilities is a massive result,” said Peter Rogers, CEO of Sentinor. Continue reading

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