Watercress 4 Remote Keypads

With over 20 years experience in the security sector and CNI protection, Sentinor have worked alongside various clients to help develop secure sites and have been able to see site security requirements evolve over time.

Watercress 4, Sentinors latest alarm system in the Watercress product range has multiple new features, one of these being the ability to make use of remote keypads.
Each remote touchscreen keypad mimics what is shown on the main screen and allows the operator to log in, view and control the system from multiple remote locations on a site, this is ideal for larger sites with more than one point of entry.

Like the main alarm panel, remote keypads also make use of Watercress 4’s new chip and PIN style entry system. Watercress 4 systems allow operators to use their own unique keyfob and PIN in order to log into the system, not only does this allow easy login but also gives informative user login traceability.

For more information on Watercress 4, please call 01934 743440 or email info@sentinor.com

Sentinor are now recruiting!

Project Engineer job vacancy

We are currently looking for an installation, service and maintenance Engineer in the South West region.

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ISO 9001:2015

Over the past couple of months, we have been working towards the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation which we are proud to say we have been successful at achieving.

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management system which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Sentinors Snapshot Camera

Snapshot Logo

The Sentinor Snapshot Camera is one of Sentinors latest products released as part of the WaterCress product range.

Sentinors Snapshot Camera is triggered by a single channel input, thermal imaging allowing quick and effective classification of targets in all lights, enabling quicker decisions to be made on the type of response required.

The Snapshot Camera can be used alongside Sentinors WaterCress Analysers and can be integrated into the FlightDesk 2017 alarm management system, allowing imagery from site to be tied to WaterCress events.

  • 3G/4G GSM data connection
  • Thermal imagery
  • Variable lens sizes
  • Email
  • Secure file transfer
  • Integration into WaterCress Analysers and FlightDesk 2017

An example Sentinors Snapshot Camera thermal imagery:

Sentinor Snapshot Camera

Example from Sentinors Snapshot Camera

SentinorStore Launch!

Sentinor Store Advertisement

Sentinor Store Advertisement

Here at Sentinor, we have been working hard to take our company forward and branch into the eCommerce Sector .We are now proud to announce the launch of our new online store where you can directly buy our products with ease..

Products now available online are Sentinor’s Legacy 407-NT Pendant,  Legacy Universal Transmitter and some product accessories and spare parts.

We hope that you will enjoy the new online store and find it easy to use, payments can be made with a debit card, credit card and PayPal.

Click the poster image in this post to open the Sentinor Store webpage.

For more information on our security solutions please contact the Sentinor sales team.


Introducing our latest Pendant

Example of the Legacy 407-NC Pendant

Here at Sentinor we have been designing a new product which will be known as Sentinor’s Legacy 407-NC (Nurse Call) Pendant.

The new Legacy 407-NC Pendant has been specifically designed to assist people in environments involving the elderly such as nursing homes.

We have chosen the colours of the new pendant to have white enclosure with an orange button. This has been chosen to match industry standard for nurse call pendants, making it easier for the client to identify the new Legacy 407-NC Pendant whether it is equipped on them or not.

For more information or to submit your interest in our new product, please visit the Legacy 407-NC Pendant solution by clicking the image above.

For any other enquires, please email sales@sentinor.com


Product End Of Life Notification – 1804 PCB

Effective of Q2 2019, Sentinor will be discontinuing the manufacture of the 1804 PCB. This is a key component used in WaterCress 3 and WaterCress 3+ systems.
Other replacement systems will be available.

For more information or If you think that you may be affected by the discontinuation of this product, please get in touch with us.

01934 743440

Sentinor take sales online!


Ebay Logo

With our generation the world is connected together online, more and more we are buying, selling and communicating to people everyday using our phones, devices and computers. So Sentinor is taking this opportunity to move some of their sales to eCommerce,

At Sentinor we plan to open up a store on our website to make buying our products easier and more efficient for our customers. So to kick start it all off, products such as the Sentinor Legacy 407-S Pendant have been listed on the well known online marketplace – ebay.

The Sentinor Legacy 407-S Pendant has been designed and engineered to be a direct replacement for the 4601-50 style pendant transmitter. It works harmoniously with any 4600 series radio systems. If you would like to order the Sentinor Legacy 407-S Pendants, feel free to click the ebay image on this post and it will direct you straight to the listing!

For more information on our security solutions please visit our website or contact sales@sentinor.com