Warwick Camp- Managing Director (MD)

Warwick is co-founder of the Sentinor business. Warwick is a renowned expert in developing and delivering advanced sensors and electronics.


Andrea Hurkett – Finance Director

Andrea is our new head of company administration and accounting. Andrea keeps Sentinor on the straight and narrow.


Caroline Cahill- Finance Manager

Caroline is responsible for managing Sentinor finances and sales orders and has been keeping the company accounts in order since 2011.


Rhys Randall- Operations Project Manager

Rhys joined Sentinor as a Senior Engineer in 2008 after a successful military career. He leads a team of field engineers and directs sales globally. Rhys is Sentinor’s first point of contact for deciding which product fits where.


George Lowday- Production Manager

George has 15 years of know-how with Sentinor technology. George heads up Sentinor product production as well as providing expert technical support and advice.


King Louie – Chief Security Guard

King Louie is part of Sentinor’s K9 Unit and he patrols the facility without fail to prevent any suspicious activity from unfolding. A full case study can be found on the link here.