Sentinor LogoSo who are Sentinor?

We are a privately backed UK company based in Somerset. We build security sensors and systems and with trusted partners, deliver the special technology solutions needed for critical national infrastructure, the military and high value property.

Sentinor understands and develops solutions for specific needs like no one else. We produce and supply a range of award-winning intruder detection and force protection systems for the military and national security. The expertise used in developing military technology is applied for all our products, which are robust, reliable and technically advanced. The company is ISO 9001:2015 accredited and holds US Department of Homeland Security and UK Government approval. The company also holds the Achillies accreditation  for supplier pre-qualification and risk management.



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Critical Infrastructure Protection

hatch sensorSentinor technology protects roughly 80% of the UK’s drinking water, with a range of sophisticated, sensor based, and infrastructure security solutions under the WaterCress brand. Our full portfolio ranges from deploying specialist systems for securing water hatches, to protecting tanks, fences and other fixed infrastructure and analytic systems for entire sites.

We protect thousands of hatches across hundreds of sites as well as our client base, who use WaterCress to protect their enhanced sites.

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Intruder Detection System

receiverSentinor also have a foothold in both the military and police security sector. Our award winning CobWeb range is made up of 3 unique products; CobWeb-SF, CobWeb-AT and CobWeb-MT, each varying in sophistication, technology and operational use. The CobWeb-SF is our most advanced tactical force protection. CobWeb-SF provides a GUI display receiver, GPS, low battery and tamper alerts. We also have an Android based mobile application, CobWeb-C2iM, capable of providing tactical mapping, remote communications and strategic integration.

“We use CobWeb SF with PIR and break-wire sensors with a CTR camera trigger receiver. The CTR does everything we need. Under test it has proven to be robust, reliable and with a range of multiple shots, optional timing and repeat trigger settings for the surveillance team to capture the best pictures of targets in a variety of situations. The sensors work perfectly with even greater range and sensitivity than Sentinor claimed.”

European specialist surveillance operator


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website-NT407-pendantHeritage Protection

Sentinor have been actively working with and alongside the National Trust and some English Heritage sites for the past 15 years. Our paging and alarm security systems protect National Trust sites up and down the country. Our most recent developments for the National Trust made way for our new LEGACY Pendants. The pendants are designed and engineered to be a direct replacement for the obsolete Scantronic 4601-50 style pendant transmitter and can be integrated in to any fire, security or medical calling alarm system using 173.225MHz receivers.

“I took delivery of Sentinor’s Pendants over a year ago, and have been delighted with their performance. They are discreet, yet not impossible to find, and work well as both static or moveable panic buttons. This month we tried out our old Scantronic pendants, and found that the range is much bigger on the Sentinor ones. The increase was so big that I can now walk the dogs at night, safe in the knowledge that Sentinor’s pendants are looking after us all.”

Message from a UK historic house owner

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Why Us?

System-Registry-icon v2Good security strikes a balance between risk and cost! Sentinor’s solutions have been engineered to provide and make the most of clever design and robust production to provide excellent protection of valuable assets, people and critical infrastructure at a sensible price. Our business case shows that buying Sentinor technology will minimise future overhead costs and avoid, better than any competitor system, annoying (expensive) false alarms, call-outs and failures.

Our solutions are all designed with the same ideology: Robust, intelligent and efficient.

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