Watercress 4 Remote Keypads

With over 20 years experience in the security sector and CNI protection, Sentinor have worked alongside various clients to help develop secure sites and have been able to see site security requirements evolve over time.

Watercress 4, Sentinors latest alarm system in the Watercress product range has multiple new features, one of these being the ability to make use of remote keypads.
Each remote touchscreen keypad mimics what is shown on the main screen and allows the operator to log in, view and control the system from multiple remote locations on a site, this is ideal for larger sites with more than one point of entry.

Like the main alarm panel, remote keypads also make use of Watercress 4’s new chip and PIN style entry system. Watercress 4 systems allow operators to use their own unique keyfob and PIN in order to log into the system, not only does this allow easy login but also gives informative user login traceability.

For more information on Watercress 4, please callĀ 01934 743440 or email info@sentinor.com