Sentinors Snapshot Camera

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The Sentinor Snapshot Camera is one of Sentinors latest products released as part of the WaterCress product range.

Sentinors Snapshot Camera is triggered by a single channel input, thermal imaging allowing quick and effective classification of targets in all lights, enabling quicker decisions to be made on the type of response required.

The Snapshot Camera can be used alongside Sentinors WaterCress Analysers and can be integrated into the FlightDesk 2017 alarm management system, allowing imagery from site to be tied to WaterCress events.

  • 3G/4G GSM data connection
  • Thermal imagery
  • Variable lens sizes
  • Email
  • Secure file transfer
  • Integration into WaterCress Analysers and FlightDesk 2017

An example Sentinors Snapshot Camera thermal imagery:

Sentinor Snapshot Camera

Example from Sentinors Snapshot Camera